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The excellent aïr 600LS just got even better...

Our ever popular aïr 600 lift & slide aluminium sliding doors have undergone some revisions in late 2016 to further set them apart from the competition.

New 83mm Slim Sash and 48mm Slim Interlock..

The aïr 600LS now includes a smaller 83mm sash, plus a new slimmer 48mm interlock, this not only gives the door a slimmer, more contemporary look but also increases glass pane size thus allowing more light into the property. Win win!

Sealing Pad...

The new sealing pad replaces our current foam block to further avoid water travelling from the outside to the inside under the interlock section. The sophisticated design of the sealing pad will channel the water into a wet chamber and create a dam under the interlock. This new technology improves the performance from 600pa to 900pa.

Drainage Cover...

A new two-piece drainage cover complete with a removable flap will allow water to escape but also reduce water ingress in excessive wind pressures.

Without this cap when an extreme direct wind blows at the door, water within the system could potentially blow back; the drainage cover and flap now eliminates this possibility.

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