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Sliding vs Bi-Folding Doors

One question we frequently get asked when designing projects with our clients is “what do you think would be better, sliding doors or bi-fold doors?”

When it comes to choosing the best door for your home and lifestyle it’s generally about personal preference, so to help you decide which door is right for you here’s some points to consider.

So let’s start with sliding doors….

There’s many reasons why sliding doors are great but the opportunity to introduce wide expanses of glass and spacious views to the great outdoors can be considered a key benefit. The larger panel sizes and slim profiles or narrower frames typically allow increased levels of natural light to enter the room whilst delivering a wide field of vision to the space beyond. A sliding door set will allow for a panel much wider than a bi-fold door can currently achieve and thus can give the impression that an opening is bigger than it actually is. 

The sliders open ‘in-line’ so the door panels will not intrude into the interior or exterior spaces of your property and they demand less of the building structurally. For some, there can be compromises when choosing a sliding door solution such as less convenience when opening and closing the door frequently. Also, the wide/deep track required at floor level when introducing a triple track system is not for everyone visually. 

In summary, sliding doors give you a beautiful wide field of vision looking from the inside of the property out, they allow lots of natural light to wash into your property and the panel profiles are very slim, however, if you are intending to use the door regularly (rear entrance) or where installation requires major structural alterations then you may wish to consider a bi-folding door.

Now bi-folding doors….

Bi-folding doors are a popular choice for many homeowners nowadays and are great for openings being used frequently. With a bi-folding door design you can opt for a “traffic door” allowing simple and easy entry/exit through a singular door whilst retaining the luxury of sweeping all of the doors aside when you wish to. If you like a clean and contemporary look then you have the option of integrated blinds meaning traditional curtains or blind systems can be avoided. 

The Bi-folding doors come in a broad range of configurations and dimensions making them a great choice when glazing an existing opening and creating a contemporary or traditional look for your home. The final and most notable benefit of bi-folding doors is the ability to sweep them completely to one side creating a wide and spacious opening, extending your living space into the garden with no separation. 

Typically, bi-folding designs will incorporate more door panels than sliding doors and naturally this will mean more frame profile and less glass. This in turn can reduce the natural light entering the home whilst reducing the view until ofcourse the doors are fully opened! The other consideration will be where the door panels rest when swept aside and how much that may impede internal or external livings spaces.

Both options will make a wonderful, practical addition to any home wishing to create a bright and practical living space, beautifully connected to the garden

To help you make your mind up why not take a look at our sliding doors and bi-folding doors gallery on our website and we’ll let you draw a conclusion. https://www.hehku.co.uk/aluminium