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Hehku Awarded "Industry Partner" To The British Institute of Interior Design for Glazing

Hehku is proud to announce we have been awarded "Industry Partner" to the British Institute of Interior Design for glazing.

Hehku specialises in working closely with industry professionals including Architects, Interior Designers and a variety of high-end residential developers.

One of our key areas of expertise is glazing which is made up of aluminium bi-folding doors, aluminium sliding doors, aluminium windows and aluminium roof lanterns, all complemented by a high quality and versatile supply chain. 

In recognition of this, we are extremely proud to announce Hehku’s application and acceptance to become an industry partner of the British Institute of Interior Design.

Membership of the British Institute of Interior Design is selective and only granted to companies who demonstrate the highest level of products and services. This accreditation recognises our highly competent team of designers for their commitment to excellence.

As a result, the benefits of Hehku’s expertise is available to all of our clients and not just restricted to British Institute of Interior Design members. 

We welcome you to get in touch for support and advice on your current and forthcoming projects.


Bringing NASA’s Technology into Your Home with Hehku's New Aluminium Windows Offering

As a result of Hehku’s passion for offering the very finest products and materials on the market we are very excited to be able to offer you the latest advancement in Aluminium windows to hit the market, the beautiful twin flush range of Aluminium windows from industry leaders Origin.


What makes the twin flush range so special?

The twin flush range of Aluminium windows are an industry first, the windows are flush to the frames both externally and internally leaving a clean elegant finish thus avoiding the bulky overlapping framework that is often associated with aluminium window systems.

The unique twin flush design makes these stunning windows ideal for new builds, townhouses and projects which fall under strict planning regulations in conversation areas.

Aluminium’s renowned strength naturally allows for aluminium windows to have slim sightlines without decreasing security meaning the twin flush range can be as slim as 50mm from frame edge to glass enabling increased glass area and more light to enter the room over a conventional window design.

How is NASA’s technology incorporated?

Not only are the beautiful twin flush range of aluminium windows unique to the fenestration industry they also incorporate the latest insulating technology taken straight from NASA’s spaceships.

Available as an optional upgrade this pioneering technology coined Aerogel is utilised in Origins unique thermal break and can achieve a u-value of 1.0 meaning the new twin flush range of aluminium windows is now capable of achieving an A+21 energy rating.


Aerogel has the lowest thermal conductivity of any know solid material due to its extremely porous structure making heat transfer incredibly difficult, increasing insulation levels by 67% and most importantly saving money by reducing energy bills.

The twin flush aluminium window range is the first ever window system to incorporate this technology and its exclusive to origin meaning there is no other aluminium window range on the market today capable of producing the same results.

Does the twin flush aluminium window range still come with a 20 year guarantee? 

As with all Origin products (hence Hehku’s love for the Origin brand) the twin flush aluminium window range comes with a complete peace of mind 20 year guarantee.

Knowing you own the latest insulating technology straight from NASA and have a 20 year guarantee in one product makes choosing which aluminium windows to use in your next project a simple decision.

How can I get an A+21 energy rated, 20 year guaranteed, twin flush aluminium window for my project?

We love this latest range of aluminium windows from Origin and would love to tell you more about all the benefits so simply contact one of Hehku’s aluminium experts via our website and let us help you transform your living space. http://www.hehku.co.uk